Capitol building in Carson City, NVWith today’s challenging and complex political environment, it is vital for the commercial real estate industry to be proactively involved in the political process on a local, regional, statewide and national basis. As the voice of office, retail and industrial real estate owners, operators and service providers in the region, NAIOP Northern Nevada is playing a prominent role in legislative discussions for the benefit of our members and the commercial real estate industry as a whole.

Legislative Goals & Commitments

Our members are continually faced with a number of governmental challenges that can have a lasting impact on the commercial development landscape of our region. Our goals include:

    • Represent member interests in the federal, state and local legislative and regulatory process
    • Be active in targeted state and local elections and Issues through the PAC
    • Increase member awareness of, and involvement in, legislative issues

USOrdnanceEXT_sm-1NAIOP Northern Nevada plays a major role in advocating and advancing the interests of all players involved in developing commercial real estate and strives to make a positive impact on the community through continued involvement with local, state, and national political entities. Our legislative efforts demonstrate our strong commitment to sponsors, members and candidates who positively influence the growth of our industry. We are committed to:

    • Protect the commercial real estate industry from increasing taxes, fees and regulations
    • Advocate and lobby for reduction of business property taxes
    • Support candidates at the state and local levels who share the industry’s goal of reducing business property taxes
    • Collaborate with other organizations and associations to promote items of common interest
    • Educate the community about the contribution the industry makes to the state’s tax base and the economy in general
    • Research and disseminate information relative to the positioning of the industry and comparisons with other states

How Does Development Drive the Economy?

M@M_LR_CLocal candidates and some government officials have perpetuated the notion that “growth does not pay for itself” and this is far from the truth. There is a long list of industries and jobs that rely exclusively on commercial real estate development industry. Without new development, our region would not be able to attract the types of companies that bring new jobs to this market like Apple and Tesla.

The sales taxes, the property taxes, the development fees, the impact fees, and the building permit fees generated by a single commercial development all contribute directly to the revenues of our local governments, not to mention all of the secondary economic benefits associated with commercial development such as the addition of new business to our market and the generation of more jobs for our community. It is easy to forget about all of the direct and indirect economic benefits generated by a single development.

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Legislative Committee Chair
Elizabeth Fielder